Why I chose to get baptized…again.

I remember the day that I told my parents that I was ready to get baptized. I was 8 years old & we were planning a trip back to America where we would be visiting the church I was born into. It seemed like the perfect time & I was ready to take this next step in my relationship with Christ.

I was so extremely fortunate to be born into a family with parents who taught & led us in our faith in such a beautiful way. So it truly was a commitment I took very seriously & absolutely knew the promise I was making to always walk with Christ.

And it’s a promise that kept my wandering heart safe & grounded throughout the many years that I strayed away from my faith.

When God brought me back home 3 years ago, I made the commitment to walk in obedience. He has taken me through many painful lessons to learn to let go, walk in faith, and trust that His plans are far more beautiful than anything that I know to pray for. I am not perfect. But I hold close to the promise of grace & His unconditional love. That no matter how far I walk down a road of destruction, He will always bring me home.

I have spent this summer focusing on detoxing from my past.  I’ve learned grace, forgiveness, and what it means to move forward into a life of purpose.   So it was time.  To wash away my past, once & for all & re-commit my life to walking in faith from this day forward. To trust in the beautiful promises & future that God has planned.

To let go of all that was & surrender to Him.

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