Recently, I was at lunch with one of my very wise, strong Christian girl friends who is happily married. I was discussing the struggles with relationships & how tough the process of dating actually is. She gave me lots of really great advice, but something that she said really made a huge impact on the way I would view relationships going forward.

“It’s all in the little things. Pay attention to those.”

It made me reflect on my relationship with Christ. I read what He has said in the Bible, I go to church & I absolutely want to trust that He has a perfect plan for my life. But when it comes down to the reality of actually letting go enough to trust Him, I tend to cling so tightly to my wishes and plans out of fear.

I serve a God that has power over everything. He truly does not need my buy in to make His plans happen. He can easily rule with an iron fist. But He is not after control…He is after my heart.

My parents did a beautiful job of instilling a strong relationship with Christ at the center of our family. But at a certain point, we all have to make the choice to follow Christ, step out from our parent’s safe embrace & grow our faith into our own.

When I look back on my walk with Christ, I see a God that has been patient & gentle. He has proved Himself in the little things time & time again in order to build my trust in Him slowly. Watching how faithful He has been in the small things has given me the courage to trust Him in the bigger things. I have watched Him work to prove his faithfulness in my life & He has never stopped working to win my heart.

When I look at this example of perfect & pure love, it makes me see the value in striving for the same in my relationships with those I love.

We have a choice in each of these little moments.  A choice to build one another up over  pushing our hearts further from each other.  I can choose grace over anger. Love over my selfishness. Forgiveness over resentment. Trust over insecurities. Joy in the midst of hurt. Gentleness when all I want to do is lash out.

When we choose to follow Christ’s example, these can be the moments that build strong foundations and paint the most beautiful pictures in each others hearts.

I pray for a heart that never stops looking for those little things that can keep building one another so firmly in love.

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