Leap of Faith

I have found that at this place in my journey, I have gotten really good at taking the step of faith.  I completely trust God to guide me in the things where He’s just asking me to take a step at a time.  But what happens in the major decisions?  The really tough ones that could change everything?  What happens when He asks me to take a leap of faith?

I find myself standing on the shore.  Scared.  And I spend so much time trying to think of everything that could possibly go wrong & figuring out what I can do to prevent that from happening.

And I completely miss the moment.  I’m missing the spaces that are making my life happen right this very second.  The beauty of this season.  The amazing gifts God’s brought into my life.

What will my life look like if I stand on the shores & focus all of my energy on what could go wrong?

I’m going to miss it all.

I’ve spent some time reflecting on all of the major hurts in my life.  Some were a direct result of decisions I’ve made, some were completely out of my control.  But one thing remains constant.  The moments of getting to soar in the air were so beautiful, I wouldn’t trade the pain of the fall to not have experienced those.

Sure, the risk of falling again is scary.  And it never truly gets easier.  But just like we aren’t guaranteed that everything will work out exactly as we’d hoped, we aren’t guaranteed it won’t.

God strengthens our faith by asking us to be faithful in the little things.  But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t asked to also be faithful in the big things.  And we certainly are not asked to live a life of safety & comfort from the shores.

I can’t help but think about how much I would have missed if I had always played it “safe”.  All of those moment of pure joy.  Moments that have shaped who I am today.  Moments where God has used me to shape others lives.  Moments where some of the deepest relationships I have experience have stemmed from.

I am convinced that the richest part of life comes when we choose to leap off of the shoreline.  Take a risk.  And trust that God will not let us fall so far that we won’t be able to get back up & try once again.

Friends, I challenge you to let go.  Take a leap into the scary, unknown places.  Trust God.  And know that you may be leaping into one of the best moments of your life.

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