The Power of the Messy

This year, I have truly learned the importance of walking with others.  And allowing them into your life & your story.  There is such beauty that comes from letting people into those raw, real places & realizing one simple thing.  We are all broken.

In these moments of complete vulnerability, we are giving Christ an opportunity to show us the most important thing we are on this earth to learn.


What if that is the whole point of this thing?  What incredible opportunities are we missing when we choose to not go there?  To avoid the messy?  To skim over the tough parts of the story?

I believe that God’s best work & the most beautiful parts of our story are the messy parts.  They show us we are not alone.  We are stronger than we know.  We are still here.  And we are still standing.

They give us a chance to walk beside each other & love one another well through it.  Just as He has loved us.

Our stories are not meant to be perfect.  They are meant to show Christ’s work in our lives.  And to show His grace & mercy in spite of all of the messes I have made. And that’s a beautiful story I am undeserving to live.

But I am.

And so are you.

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