Live with Intention

Life seems to be busy.  Always.  Not enough time.  Not enough space.  Not enough marked off of my to do list.  Always thinking about what’s next & what else I need to be doing.

There’s just never enough hours in my day.  This has become the theme of my life.

I decided to stop.  To reflect.  Where is my time going? How am I spending it?  Am I being present in the things that are important to me?  And most importantly, do the people in my life feel rushed or valued?  I’m going to be honest, I hated the answers to these questions.  They made me cringe.

My life was living me, I was not living my life.  At all.

So, I set out on a mission at the beginning of this year.  Due to my career & my commitments, my life will always be a little chaotic(and to be totally candid, I’m a sicko that actually likes it that way).  But I knew I could evolve my life to a place where I was actually living it.  To be present.  To be intentional with the time I do have.

I purchased the planner that maps out every hour of the day, rather than just the tasks for the day.  I decided to really be purposeful with my days, my time & my people.

I’m challenging myself to pick up the phone & text less.  To put the phone away when my people are in front of me.  To listen.  To enjoy this moment as a gift.  To shut off the TV & go to bed early.  To let go of the things that were consuming my time & make time for things that feed my soul.  To connect with people.  To fall passionately in love with this life that God has given me.

To live a life of intention.  This is my mission.

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