Love One Another

 As somebody who has been in broken places so many seasons of my life, I have a deep desire to walk with others when they are in the middle of life’s storms. There is a strong desire to help alleviate & lessen any pain or discomfort from them. The magic formula. The right words. Doing the one thing that will fix it all.

Until this…

“I can’t stop reading! I’m on chapter 8 & have written a plethora of pages filled with my experiences, fears, insecurities, etc. Therapy. I love you for sharing things that you know will make me closer to God.”

That’s it.

It’s not about fixing the brokenness in one another. It’s simply about walking beside each other. Loving one another. Pushing each other towards the one thing that will heal.


So thankful for the realness. The raw places that we all share. It’s through these hard places that we are all humbled & reminded where we need to be. Closer to God. Always.

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